A precision platformer that allows you to alter the environment.

In Uphill, take control of Glitch, a courageous red robot on a perilous climb.

Master the art of precision platforming as you navigate treacherous levels filled with ​challenging jumps and perilous runs across shifting platforms. Glitch's unique ability to ​manipulate the world adds a twist: alter the environment to change the behavior of platforms, ​creating new pathways and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

Ascend the treacherous heights, test your reflexes, and unravel the mysteries that lie uphill.


Save tiny robot KR-0WD from hostile robots that are after the scarcest resource in the universe: ​his energy!

This twist on classic top-down shooters lets you control large crowds of enemies in a unique visual ​style mixing colorful lights and shadows to bring an abandoned space station back to life.

Meet the team

At night, we’re aspiring indie game developers, working on our ​first game, KR-0WD K0NTR0L. In our day jobs, we’re software ​engineers working on much more business-y things.

Michael (they/he/him)

Founder and Game Director

I enjoy life at Lake Zurich in ​Switzerland with my partner, ​our son, two cats, and our dog ​Chili. When I’m not skiing or ​standup paddling with my son, ​you might find me playing my ​electric ukulele.

Andy (he/him)

Game Designer

My amazing wife and I are like ​a dynamic duo of ringmasters, ​presiding over our three little ​acrobats - a girl and two boys. ​We're just a hop, skip, and a ​jump away from Cologne, ​Germany.

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