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Save tiny robot KR-0WD from hostile robots that are after the scarcest resource in the universe: his energy!

This twist on classic top-down shooters lets you control large crowds of enemies in a unique visual style mixing colorful lights and shadows to bring an abandoned space station back to life.

Meet the team

At night, we’re aspiring indie game developers, working on our first game, KR-0WD K0NTR0L. In our day jobs, we’re software engineers working on much more business-y things.

Michael (they/he/him)

Founder and Game Director

I enjoy life at Lake Zurich in Switzerland with my partner, our son, two cats, and our dog Chili. When I’m not skiing or standup paddling with my son, you might find me playing my electric ukulele.

Andy (he/him)

Game Designer

My amazing wife and I are like a dynamic duo of ringmasters, presiding over our three little acrobats - a girl and two boys. We're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Cologne, Germany.

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